Unit 1. Overview of process and in what order to cover the video material.
Unit 2. Malocclusion, what it is and how it may effect your efforts of making dentures.
Unit 3. A method for detecting if you have a class II or class III bite and if it’s mild or moderate.
Unit 4. An introduction to articulator’s.
Unit 5. An introduction to an inexpensive aluminum flask and how effective it is, plus making a vibrating table.
Unit 6. An introduction to the Cold Cure Acrylic process.
Unit 7. Determining the size of teeth you will need.
Unit 8. Locking plates together for proper mounting on the articulator.
Unit 8A. Explains how to stop a waxup from floating up in the plaster during flasking in preperation to boiling out the wax.
Unit 8B. Continuation of Unit 8.
Unit 8C. A continuation of Unit 8B. Working with lower waxup on the Articulator.
Unit 8D. Finalizing the articulator process of the finished plates.
Unit 9. Making the lower waxup.
Unit 9A. Making the Neg. and Pos. impressions.
Unit 10. Making waxup’s using a bite block.
Unit 11. Making thinner dentures.
Unit 12. Flasking, boiling out wax, putting plate in acrylic, grinding & polishing.