The Grand Master DIY Denture Making Course.

This course is designed for speed and economy!
All the overhead information is included if you
need it, but the main units are set up in a
student see, student do style!

The object is to allow you to make yourself a
standard set of dentures as quickly as possible.

This website is set up to assist you in buying the
tools and supplies you need fast!

My denture making courses have sold in the following places: New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Ireland, England, Puerto Rico, Australia, California, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, Louisiana, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Maryland, Kansas, Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Nevada and Tennessee!

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Cofoil Liquid Tin foil Substitute
2 oz of Cofoil liquid tin foil substitute separator used in the flasking process of making dentures.
Shake (mix) well before each application. Apply 2 to 3 thick coats and allow 25 to 30 minute drying time between each coat. Cofoil is an organic product and 100% non toxic. It contains .5% potassium sorbate as a preservative. 2 oz is enough to make at least 4 to 5 full sets of dentures.


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Many of the tools you need to make dentures can be found at a local hardware store. However, there are items you will need to buy on Ebay or at other sources. Below is a list of links to items you will need. These are the items I recommend taking into account quality and low cost. After clicking on the link, scroll down the page and find the “view on Ebay” link. Click on that and you can purchase the item.